Postage for a parcel of dreams...

Design your very own boat sticker and send your stamp around the world!

You know how you can buy “forever stamps” at the post office? These stickers are forever stamps on my boat, good for an entire voyage around the world!

Put whatever you want on it It's YOUR stamp

Maybe you want to put your name, or the name of a loved one. Maybe an image that means something to you. Maybe a small drawing or painting you made. Maybe a photo, or a short quote. Maybe you´re a small business who can’t afford to be a sponsor – buy a private sticker and put your logo on it. 

   Really, the more the stamp means to you, the more it will mean to me. I imagine myself drawing strength from looking at these stickers as I row, thinking about the people who put a stamp on this dream. It gives me the feeling that I’m carrying all of your dreams with me, too.

Getting a Forever Stamp

There are currently only 100 stamps for sale! 

These 100 stamps will pay for the ocean rowboat – my home! 

I might open up my boat to more stamps later on in the expedition, but these will be the original 100 believers – thank you! 

There are three stamp sizes available, all based on the aspect ratio for the size of a standard U.S. postage stamp. 


Small stamp: 1.5 in x 1.3 in = $500
Medium stamp:2 in x1.8 in = $1,000
Big stamp: 3 inch x 2.7 $2,000.

Once you buy your stamp:

You will receive an email asking to submit your design. Your design will be submitted electronically. If you prefer to mail it, contact me and I can accommodate that. 

You have 90 days to submit a design. If you need more time, simply ask. 

When designing your sticker:

Keep in mind the sticker will be rectangular with the border of a postage stamp. 

Design rules:

Nothing inappropriate

No politics 

Once we receive your design:

Your design goes to the print shop, where it will be printed and then sent to me. I’ll put your stamp somewhere on the exterior of my boat once I have her. When we are ready, me, your stamp, and my boat will set off around the world!


If we never receive your design:

You have 90 days to submit a design. You will receive two reminder emails if we have not received your design. If we still have not heard from you after 90 days, we will put your initials on the sticker. If you need more time, simply ask. 

What if my stamp falls off?

These stickers are made of the same marine-grade material as corporate sponsor stickers. However, if your sticker does become compromised, a replacement will be sent to my next planned mail drop location along my route. If the boat itself becomes compromised, your sticker goes down with the ship. 

What if my design is rejected?

The only way your design would be rejected is if it did not adhere to the two rules: nothing inappropriate, and no politics. If your design is rejected, you have the chance to redesign your sticker. If you do not submit an appropriate redesign within 90 days of the rejection, we will put your initials on the sticker. If you need more time, simply ask.